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Criminal Record Expungements

Is your past catching up to you? Are you worried that a criminal background check might limit your employment opportunities? The Internet has made it much easier for employers, educational institutions, or anyone else to conduct background checks. Even an arrest that did not lead to a conviction for a crime may affect your future. Many Misdemeanors and even some Felonies may be eligible for a criminal record expungement or sealing.

Illinois Law allows qualifying arrests, Supervisions, and convictions to be either expunged or sealed. Even if the disposition of your case does not allow for an expungement, you may still be eligible to have your records sealed. This is true for most non-violent Misdemeanor cases but not Felony offenses. However, certain Class 4 Felony drug offenses may be eligible for sealing and others may be expunged if the accused completed certain special Felony Probation, such as TASC Probation or First Offender Drug Probation.

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